We’re on a mission to create a 1% kinder, nicer, and healthier world by improving our interactions and communication with others through fun and engaging experiences.

There’s more to solving loneliness than having friends and things to do – it’s about how we listen, think, behave, and how we treat others – especially in tough times. This is Social Wellness, our social well-being.

We believe for someone to be truly healthy they should be socially-well.

We’ve got plenty to help you be kinder to strangers, make new friends, and have more meaningful connections to form deeper meaningful relationships whether you subscribe to our digital magazine, wear our apparel, or join our Social Wellness Social Club’s parties, events, or membership services – we’re here to serve you.



Wellvyl is a movement focused on health, inclusiveness, positive thinking, how we treat one another, and most importantly, how we’ll make a better world. We do this by getting to the core of our interactions with others and communication. Everything begins with how we exist in conversations. How we listen to others and how we articulate what we are thinking and feeling.

Wellvyl’s mission is to improve human interactions and communication to create a 1% kinder, nicer, and healthier human experience through products and services that all support in concert our ideology and hope for humanity as our Lifestyle Brand.

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Wellvyl defines ‘social wellness’ as the measurement of an individual’s “well-being.” Social Wellness is how healthy a person exists in the world around them or their sphere of influence and how they treat those in their sphere while taking on life’s ups and downs. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outline a global framework for building a healthier and more sustainable world built on health and wellness governance. In particular, our philosophy aligns most with SDGs 3 (good health and wellbeing) and 11 (sustainable cities and communities). Wellvyl’s social engineering and policy research initiatives will expand on current research and transcend the current paradigm on well-being and policy.

Learn more about what we are doing and committed doing to improve human interactions and communication for a better human experience at The Social Wellness Institute.


Wellvyl and its subsidiaries are Public Benefit Corporationsall working towards B Corporation Status, and our proceeds will directly go to fund social impact developments, legislation, create jobs, opportunities, community projects and programs, and our own nonprofits. We are focused on People, Planet, and Profit.

People – funding and subsidizing community social engagement projects, minority startups, and public work for better infrastructure, policy, reform, etc.

Planet – funding projects for sustainability, clean energy, the best transportation, etc, etc, in cities.

Profit – for our team members, partners, investors and to provide a stronger economic engine for our Social Wellness Mission and Vision.